October astronomy events / Amazing Space! Student newsletter / April 2014 partial solar eclipse

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A couple of free resources for those covering the ‘Earth & Space Science’
component of the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Firstly, I have uploaded a list of astronomical events occurring in October
2013, that you may want to include in your teaching. The majority of the
events listed are visible to the unaided eye. That list can be found here:

Secondly, I have uploaded the Term 4 issue of my ‘Amazing Space!’ two page
student newsletter. It contains finder charts for locating Mercury, Venus
and Saturn without the need for a telescope, Moon phase information for
October – December and finder charts for locating the Southern Cross and
Scorpius (the ancient Greek Constellation The Scorpion). The download page
for this issue (and previous issues) is:

Finally, a date claimer. On the afternoon of Tuesday 29 April 2014, a
partial eclipse will be visible across Australia. Given that these occur
infrequently, year 7 Science teachers in particular may want to consider
incorporating safe indirect viewing of the eclipse into their planning.


Paul Floyd.

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