New posts on 500 Hats and The Bottom Shelf

Over the holidays I have been working on two key posts for my blog 500 Hats which examines the role of the teacher librarian.

The first is The Reader’s Hat in which I look
at how we can put this on so we can keep abreast of what our students are
reading and what we can offer them.

The second is The Reader Leader’s Hat in
which I look at how we can support reading throughout the school using some of
the thoughts in Donalyn Miller’s “Reading in the Wild” as well as my own
experience. It looks at making time and having a place and a reason to read,
growing readers, helping students self-select and share recommendations as well
as other critical elements which will help our students move towards true
independence, which is more than the mastery of the mechanics.

Internet connectivity here being what it is, I still have some thoughts to
finish, some links to add, and some support materials to develop but there
should be enough there to start your new school year anyway.

The blog now has an official SCIS record and was recently endorsed by Joyce
Valenza in her blog I
have a lot more ideas for it, but these two posts seem to have taken up a lot of
time and thought.

I’ve also been posting a review a day on my Bottom Shelf blog (mostly titles I’ve reviewed before with new
ones starting this week or next) and I’ve also added two pages – The Art of
Reading Aloud and Reading with your Child – both of which you are welcome to
share with those who will benefit from them.

As usual, I welcome your feedback.


Barbara Braxton
Teacher Librarian
M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services)
Together, we learn from each other
500 Hats
The Bottom Shelf

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