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Last email I shared with you the New Basics report from the Foundation for Young Australians. If we are going to focus on developing future focused skills for students, then we also need to provide them with some good work ethic ideas. You might find this article on the 17 Habits of the Most Highly Respected Employees an interesting read I’m sure achievement oriented business employers would be looking for some of these traits in prospective employees. Plus, it isn’t a bad idea to develop some of these habits early in life.

Shifting focus just a little, I found this news article, Canadian school boy, 15, discovers lost Mayan city (from the comfort of his bedroom) Amazing what can happen when we allow kids to pursue their curiosity, passions and interests (and it didn’t involve makerspaces). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against maker zones, makerspaces, etc., but sometimes good investigative research with a purpose can be a winner.

One more “push of the envelope” and I will confess I’m still a notetaker with pen and paper. Plus I do prefer using chart paper and coloured pens when I mind dump at the start of a creative project. Then I’ll move to my laptop. So, here’s a short article on Taking Notes on Your Laptop Could be Ruining Your Test Scores

Intriguing reading,

Upcoming webinars
More information about these webinars & how to register can be found at

Monday 23 May – FREE webinar with Loreyse Agnew-Green on the Educorp Professional Learning Ecosystem
This free webinar will provide a different approach to how you can manage your professional learning. Find out about a PL portal where you can record your reflections, classroom materials, evidence for the professional teaching standards and more. You can then choose with whom you will share this portal, for example, your school principal.

Wednesday 25 May – FREE webinar on How to Give Your Students and Academic Edge with Karen Bonanno
Academic Edge is a program designed for teenagers to develop their capabilities to be successful in their study and life. This webinar will use a case study of a teenager (name withheld) to exemplify the urgency for young people to develop the skills, strategies and know-how to be able to move forward into either the world of work or further study for career advancement.

Wednesday 8 June – Defining and Developing Digital Literacy with Kay Oddone.
Participants in this webinar will explore models of digital literacy, investigate practical ways to embed its development across the curriculum, and gain access to a range of resources which will support their understanding of what it means to be digitally literate in the 21st century.

Wednesday 15 June – Library Run Book Clubs Support Reading Outcomes with Megan Daley.
At St Aidan’s AGS school library, Megan is putting students back in the driving seat when it comes to reading. They run several bookclubs as co-curricular activities. The have also taken the added step of involving parents in this process, having them as members of the bookclub. Megan will take you through the process of running a student or student/parent book club and give a plethora of ideas for suitable books for middle primary and upper primary book clubs.


Note: Registration deadline for this face-to-face event is 23 May 2016. If you have sent your registration form to the school office, please check that the payment has been completed and mailed to KB Enterprises (Aust) Pty Ltd. You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your registration.

DATE CLAIMER: 3 June 2016 in Sydney, Australia.[Registration deadline is 23 May 2016 for this event]

The Future of Teacher Librarians – How will you re-imagine the profession? Future-proofing the profession of teacher librarians.

This one-day seminar will explore the new information and learning environment emerging in schools and the role that is needed for a learning specialist. School and learning needs will be examined to determine how a teacher with a specialised skill set, such as a teacher librarian, can impact on the learning and information needs of the staff and students.

Each participant will be provided with a Talent Dynamics profile to establish a basis for your future personal development. Talent Dynamics is a unique profiling system that assists you to understand your natural talent, strengths and challenges, success possibilities, how to work best in teams and in your workplace.

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

– clearly articulate the new role in schools;
– continue developing a change plan for the role and how the physical space of the library could also change;
– complete a personalised professional learning pathway;
– understand how to build capacity for the future; and
– take a leading role for learning in their school.

The seminar will be presented by June Wall and Karen Bonanno, experienced educators recognised nationally in the profession and who both take a leading view on future learning.

Find out more information about this event that could change your future at

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