REMINDER; Order your CBCA shortlist now

Just wanting to give a heads up to all of you who are new to being in the
library this year – now the shortlists have been announced, you need to
check your collection and order any that you don’t have that you want NOW.

Every year as Book Week approaches there are complaints to the list that
people have been unable to obtain copies and publishers can’t get them into
the book stores in time. But we have to understand that publishers don’t
have great warehouses full of titles that were published 12 months ago and
the reprint process is not the flash of a magic wand. So you have to be
pro-active, know the shortlists, read the reviews and select those that meet
the needs, interests and abilities of your clientele and get yourself
sorted within the next week.

This goes for any titles like those for NSS and the Inkys and other awards
and promotions. If you leave it till “nearer the time” you will miss out.

I am currently chasing up reviews for the short-listed titles so I can link
to them for Book Week for Beginners but I don’t have time to do
every source so PLEASE, if you know of any anywhere, please add a link so
our colleagues can make informed decisions about their suitability.


Barbara Braxton

Teacher Librarian

M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services)

Dromkeen Librarian’s Award 2003



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