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With the commencement of Vic F – 10 curriculum our library team feel the need to seize the opportunity and embed an inquiry model across our 7 – 10 classes.

I’ve read the inquiry learning thread with great interest and have bookmarked the links shared. However, we still have a few questions and we’d be very grateful if people are willing to share their thoughts on:

What inquiry information models are successfully used in secondary schools (Big 6, ISP, Guided Inquiry etc)

How to best implement the inquiry model within the curriculum E.g Assuming we have leaderships backing to implement a structured model is it still better start with one class & build or try to implement across the school (therefore reaching every student)?

Any examples, templates etc.

I only received a few responses. Here is the HIT

* I use a mix between Big 6 and Guided Inquiry. I use it when I get the chance to collaborate with staff, however, the humanities department do use the GI model quite well, it is embedded into their curriculum.
* We use Guided Inquiry across the college (P-12). This was a choice made by me when I came into the job almost 18 months ago and realised there was no set inquiry model being used. I chose this particular model over others because of the lengthy research done by Kuhlthau, the addition of the affective domain as well as actions, but also because it had recently had a bit of a facelift making it a little more friendly for all users. It was applicable from the younger years all the way to Year 12. There were also some great products through Sybasigns that made embedding the design easier for us as well. Because it is as much about teaching as learning, I ran several sessions with teachers, although I feel perhaps the culture prohibits further explicit pushing in this manner. I embed the process visually in all research guides I create for teachers and my plan is that with consistency, the language used will trickle through. Most have been very happy with this approach.
* go to Lee Fitzgerald’s site @ guidedinquiryoz.edublogs.org/ for GI information and support
* the following links cissl.rutgers.edu/images/stories/docs/slimtoolkit.pdf and www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/schoollibraries/teachingideas/isp/docs/infoskills.pdf

Thank you to those willing to share. We have decided to start working on implementing a GI model across the school.

Cheryl Taylor
Galen Catholic College
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