Review: Blueberry Pancakes Forever – Angelica Banks

Blueberry Pancakes Forever – Angelica Banks

*ISBN: *9781760110451

*Publisher :*Allen & Unwin

*Imprint: *A & U Children

*Pub Date: *June 2016

RRP $15.99

As soon as I opened the package I was bursting to read this third and last
instalment in the Tuesday McGillycuddy trilogy. And so I did in one
sitting, devouring it as easily and happily as Tuesday might her father’s

I have lately often spoken of the dearth of original and fresh stories and
Angelica Banks AKA Tasmanian writers Heather Rose and Danielle Wood provide
exactly the antidote to that.

This latest is a little darker and deeper than the previous two stories
with a terrible sadness impacting on Tuesday and her author mother,
Serendipity Smith. A year previous to this adventure, their much loved
husband and father Denis died and their lives have become cloistered and
cobwebby inside a once sunny and happy home and their shared world of
writing, Vivienne Small’s world has become frozen in an endless winter.

The unexpected arrival of Tuesday’s eccentric godmother Colette Baden Baden
heralds the beginning of healing and the start of a fresh and often
dangerous adventure.

Much to her surprise, Serendipity is once again drawn by a mysterious story
thread and leaving Colette to care for Tuesday returns to the Library for
respite and rousing from the Librarian.

Almost immediately Tuesday is also snared by an even stranger story thread
and finds herself captured by the weird and rather scary Loddon who seems
to think he knows her.

As Baxterr and Colette desperately seek out Tuesday, defying all the
conventions of the place where only writers are allowed, Tuesday and
Vivienne face horrible dangers from the seemingly demented Loddon.

Without her faithful doggo at her side she seems to be in a very
frightening situation and the defeat of Loddon seems almost impossible.

But strength and help often come from unexpected sources and Tuesday’s own
story embraces both past and present intertwining threads.

These characters become so real to the reader and the whole premise of the
series is so fresh and entrancing that one cannot help but become more and
more engaged with their lives. I am a little sad to part with them.

For one who has spent the past fourteen months in intense grief this new
story has particular resonance and offers the hope of healing. I cannot
help but think that anyone in similar circumstances would also find it so.

If you have not yet discovered the magical world of Tuesday I recommend
that you rush to buy this series and promote it to your readers who are
hungry for a new hero – a girl of resilience, courage and compassion.

Highly recommended for readers aged around 8 to 13.

I also have quite a few reviews written and scheduled for publishing on my
blog over the next week, from Allen & Unwin and Bloomsbury so please check
in sometime to see them.


Sue Warren
Qld T-L

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